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VIDEOS about decisive events

1 A GAU did not take place. The film proves it. All cooling switched off. Observe the temperature curve. She climbs first and then she falls down very quickly.
2 The HTR-PM project serves as a demo, for testing, for learning, for further improvements – an astonishingly open interview
3 Here you see : the crane lifts the core into the 43 m high concrete building.

A key component of China’s first fourth-generation nuclear power system was installed at Shandong province.
The pressure vessel of a high temperature gas cooled reactor is at the Shidao nuclear power plant. An official statement, the cylindrical vessel of 25 m height and 610 tonnes is the largest and most complicated pressure vessel for a nuclear reactor. The fourth-generation reactor safely shuts down at an emergency. Without causing a meltdown or a large leak of radioactive material. The reactor will start generating power end 2017. 91% of the equipment is localsourced from Chinese companies. China signed a MOU with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for the co-construction of gas-cooled reactors of high-temperature nuclear power stations.

4 Bill Gates on core energy

the NPP island Shidaowan

Gross-HTR in Ruijin

This year we are following the events around the construction of the first Chinese ball bed reactor. The videos show important facts about the development, research, planning and construction of the first ball-bed reactor outside Germany. This, also called “ball-bed furnace”, is being built on Shidao Bay in the Chinese province of Shandong (Canton). At this “nuclar island” are currently some old LWR and just created the first ball bed HTR. This should go online at the end of 2017 or a little later.